5 reasons why Startup Weekend Zwolle was a success (again)!

Startup Weekend Zwolle 2018 | Hans van Eijsden Photography – www.hansvaneijsden.com

Last year Startup Weekend Zwolle was so successful, that the organization was not able to ignore it: they would certainly have to organize another edition in 2018! We can already tell you that the event was definitely a success again. This was due to various reasons:

  1. A great ambiance

Everyone we asked about the ambiance, indicated that it was great. How did the organization manage to achieve this? First of all, the participants had a lot of freedom during the weekend. Nothing was obligated and everything was allowed. This gave the participants a lot of freedom for their own ideas and it resulted in an energetic ambiance.

Several workshops were given during the first evening to get participants out of their comfort zone. Because of these workshops, the group already got a mini-experience about what the weekend would look like. This created a lot of positive energy among the participants!

  1. Collaboration between professionals and students

During the first evening, the groups were formed. The participants could pitch themselves ór join an idea that was being pitched. The teams consisted of a nice mix of different people: students and people from the workfield. People from the work field could use their knowledge and experience to contribute to the development of the idea, while students were able to view the idea from a different perspective and apply new knowledge to the development of the idea.

  1. Talented coaches and mentors

Professional guidance was also available during the weekend. The organization had put together a great group of professionals with each their own expertise. There were, among others, lecturers, entrepreneurs and financial advisors available who were able to advise the participants.

  1. Professional jury

Nine teams presented their detailed ideas to the five-man strong professional jury during the finals on Sunday night. Özgür Çolak, Diem Do, Danny Mekić, Harm Jan Luth and Marc Huitink asked the participants challenging questions and gave constructive feedback on their great ideas. The participants had to do everything within their power to convince the jury of their innovative idea.

  1. Suitable sponsors

The organizers of the Startup Weekend chose their sponsors with care. Some of the big sponsors provided coaches and mentors, who could inspire the participants with their work experience. Other sponsors sponsored the location. In addition there were sponsors like New York Pizza, Heineken and the Sligro. They provided appropriate meals during the weekend. These could not be missed, because the Startup Weekend is known as ‘the weekend of beer and pizzas’.

We can definitely state that Startup Weekend 2018 was very successful. It ended with a justified winner: Chunc. This great initiative helps people to discover and participate in beautiful local charities and neighborhood initiatives. With their fully working prototype and unique idea, they are the winner of Startup Weekend Zwolle 2018. Good luck, Chunc!